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Ideas for Promoting NDP in the Workplace


Most of the materials you may need can be found at the NDP Home site

    • Have a business prayer caravan visit interested businesses throughout your city or county.
    • Provide meeting rooms for employees to go and pray in shifts.
    • Organize a gathering in front of a retail store on the sidewalk. Share prayers, the history of NDP, thoughts about the current year’s NDP theme and a brief message by an employee. Serve refreshments and you’ll get even more passers-by to stop. Wear the NDP Lapel Pin. It is a gentle reminder to pray for our nation.
    • If your business is located on a heavily traveled street, place a large NDP marquee sign at the front of your doors and encourage people to celebrate prayer for our nation. Provide the NDP Lapel Pin for sale. Encourage other business leaders to wear it.
    • The week before the NDP, create “prayer boxes” (covered shoeboxes with slots and attached notepads and pens) and distribute them to local businesses. The morning of the NDP, retrieve the boxes and pray for the prayer requests.
    • Spread the word about your workplace NDP observance by using e-mail, sandwich boards and/or (with permission) announcements in pay envelopes.
    • Suggest that your local Christian bookstore owner organize an NDP event in their store, either before store hours or at noon. Treat it like an open house, display Adopt-a-Leader Kits and serve refreshments.
    • Check with your HR department to see if you can post a flyer or poster on the public bulletin boards throughout company common areas.
    • Make up a large wall calendar as a reminder to pray for those in authority. Ask for permission to put it up in the company cafeteria or break room on NDP Use the NDP Prayer Guide as source material for a listing of officials for whom to pray.
    • Hold an NDP event in the parking lot of a retail store before the store opens. Employees and managers can participate and be close to their jobs when it is time to begin work!
    • If you are a business owner, consider giving your employees an additional paid holiday on the first Thursday in May. You could sponsor an employee prayer breakfast or luncheon that day. Re-program your voice mail to explain why your business is closed, and ask the caller to observe this special day in his/her own way.
    • Purchase NDP T-shirts or the NDP Lapel Pin for your employees to wear.
    • Locate a vacant building downtown and solicit local business people to underwrite an NDP billboard (contact the NDP office for free artwork).
    • Provide NDP Bookmarks to store owners to put in bags along with customer purchases.
    • Check with your area utility company. Some allow community-related messages to be printed on their bills or inserted into their envelopes.
    • Provide NDP Posters to local storeowners for placement in their store windows. Encourage them to have signs painted on their windows publicizing your observance.
    • Contact restaurant owners for permission to provide them with prayer place mats to use on the National Day of Prayer.
    • Organize a prayer gathering at noon somewhere at work to pray for our nation and its leaders. Advertise the observance throughout your company by passing out flyers, posting notices on bulletin boards and sending e-mail messages. Talk with your payroll department about inserting a note on employee pay stubs or in pay envelopes.
    • Add a message to your voice or answering machine announcing the National Day of Prayer and encouraging others to participate.
    • Ask the CEO, president of your company or store manager to issue a proclamation of the first Thursday in May as the National Day of Prayer.