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Ideas for School Teachers
to Teach Prayer Through
Promoting the National Day of Prayer


Most of the materials you may need can be found at the NDP Home site

Some of the following ideas may be appropriate in public school settings and others may be usable only in private and parochial schools. Exercise care and good judgment at all times. All ideas involving public schools must be both student-initiated and voluntary.

    • In art class or Sunday school class, have students create NDP ribbons using NDP Stickers. Or with NDP Logo Art , create red, white and blue place mats.
    • Have George Washington or Abraham Lincoln visit the school to give a speech on what prayer should mean to our nation and to each citizen.
    • The Sunday before the NDP, coordinate all Sunday school lessons to the theme of the NDP prayer and message.
    • Have a discussion in music class about patriotic music.
    • Organize a poster contest. Ask art students to create posters on religion in America, the role of prayer in our government, etc. Ask the mayor or city manager to judge the posters and display the best pieces in business windows around town.
    • Bring patriotism back to our schools! Ask a local artist (or students) to create a National Day of Prayer mural for your school (with your school’s permission).
    • Educate and encourage pen pals and e-mail pals about the NDP.
    • Play patriotic music in the classroom while discussing the history of NDP.
    • Have a National Day of Prayer “history bee.”
    • Have 10 minutes of prayer in every class during the day. “Our prayer is that our nation will always honor this day and that everyone in the USA will have the freedom to continue to express their faith.”
    • Have a patriotic “Concert of Prayer” for and by the students. Invite government and military people.
    • Create prayer posters or patriotic posters for show-and-tell.
    • Create invitations to the NDP observance, tie them to a balloon and deliver them to neighbors or friends.
    • Create National Day of Prayer pins with NDP Stickers and red, white and/or blue ribbon.
    • Read your city’s newspaper. Look for the names of leaders, especially those who may be struggling with difficult issues right now. Pray for them, asking God to grant them wisdom. Then, look up their office address (at the library or in the phone book) and write them an encouraging note.
    • Visit your county government center or city hall to learn more about how government works. As you meet people (or hear of them, such as on a guided tour), ask God to show you someone who needs your prayer and pray for them.
    • Plan for friends to meet you at the flagpole, track, cafeteria or an available classroom (be sure to get permission to meet on school property). The group can arrange to wear NDP T-Shirts or NDP Stickers . If permitted, put an NDP Bumper Sticker on your locker (the special adhesive makes them easy to remove later).
    • Make a prayer list of friends, teachers, school administrators and family. Pray for them at specific times during the day. P>• Join NDP’s Adopt-a-Leader program. The Adopt-a-Leader Kit has great tools to help you pray for your adopted leader (perhaps your teacher or school principal) and notes to let them know that you are continuing to pray for them.
    • Ask the principal if you can read announcements on the public-address system and mention that this is the National Day of Prayer. Give a brief history of the NDP using information from the History and Legal section of this manual.