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Ideas for Helping Youth to Observe
the National Day of Prayer
at Church, Home or School

Most of the materials you may need can be found at the NDP Home site

Some of the following ideas may be appropriate in public school settings and others may be usable only in private and parochial schools. Exercise care and good judgment at all times. All ideas involving public schools must be both student-initiated and voluntary.

    • Organize a 24-hour prayer vigil. Have people sign up for a segment of time to pray at home or at the church. Leave the church door open for those who wish to pray in the solitude of the sanctuary.
    • Students can have an organized time of prayer on the city’s courthouse lawn.
    • Have a student poster contest: artwork from the winner to be used for a billboard and/or program covers.
    • Celebrate the Adopt-a-Leader program school-wide. Start a homeroom contest to see which class can get the most voluntary participation and adopt the most leaders.
    • Organize a prayer rally at high school on the 50-yard line of the football field.
    • Get the school choir involved in singing patriotic songs during your observance.
    • Have an essay contest on prayer for older students. NDP T-Shirts can be awarded to the winners.
    • Ask children to write poems, prayers and compositions about why we should pray. Also, ask them to submit pictures of prayer in America.
    • Organize church youth group to wear read, white and blue ribbons to school on the NDP- and bring cookies to their classes to share while explaining the holiday.
    • Have a “balloon launch” where they put their prayers in balloons and launch them.
    • Communicate the importance of prayer by highlighting this country’s heritage. Stage a mock interview with George Washington featuring his commitment to prayer.
    • Create information packets for every elected official from congressional offices to the local school board members. Include historical NDP information, a note of encouragement from the NDP Adopt-a-Leader Kit and an invitation to your NDP events.
    • Organize a youth assembly in your school or church. Ask everyone to dress in red, white and blue. Address topics such as “What is prayer?” or the meaning of this year’s theme.
    • Distribute student-written letters to all teachers in your school. Pass out NDP Sticker before school. Arrange to have students lead prayer after school with other students and teachers.
    • Combine middle school, high school and/or college youth leaders into a Student Action Leadership Team (S.A.L.T) to brainstorm your own event. Put a red, white and blue decorated cardboard box in the youth area of your church or school marked PRAYER REQUESTS and pass them out at your event.
    • Invite Fellowship of Christian Athletes to sponsor a breakfast at a high school. Invite a well-known athlete with a powerful testimony.
    • Local students host a prayer breakfast for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes or other similar group. Local students plan the service, cook the food and conduct the prayer service.
    • E-mail your prayers and concerns to the town, state and local business leaders.
    • Coordinate an NDP event at the local skating rink with youth Scripture reading, youth music and youth prayers.
    • Have the youth of the church (representatives from the local high school, middle school and elementary) usher, lead in prayer and play instruments with the worship team.
    • Encourage teens to hold a teachers’ prayer breakfast at school. Present teachers with an NDP Lapel Pin
    • Decorate school assembly area as a prayer chapel. Have each class visit the chapel for prayer. Decorate with student displays.