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Helena Bible Reading Marathon & Prayer-a-thon

In Helena, You are invited to participate in a

56 County Bible Read-a-thon

Because of the fact that Helena is the Capital of Montana Helena's marathon is a little different than Bible reading and prayer marathons other Montana cities.

History of the Bible Read-a-thon

The 56 County Bible Read-A-Thon started in 2009 in Helena at the State Capitol Building.
It took place outside the building Wednesday night between 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. just
prior to the NDP events Thursday.
God’s Word was spoken as a declaration and preparation.
We had 56 teams from the Helena area representing the 56 counties of Montana.
Each representative county team read their segment of the Bible with the entire Bible being read in 90 minutes.
One person read at a time for 15 minutes and transitioned the bible to the next team member.
(Six on each team)
This year we will be read the Bible again in each respective county.

The need is for at least ONE leader (Site Captain) from a county to represent that county.

Multiple cities from one county are welcome to participate separately from each other, but the same assigned scriptures will be read for that county.

The Site Captains will form the Core Team of Readers

The Site Captain representing a county may have any number of participants to join in reading their assigned Bible passage.

The Bible has been divided into 56 segments, one for each of Montana’s 56 counties. Each County will be reading their assigned passage. The reading of each segment takes approximately 90 minutes.

Each Site Captain can schedule the reading time for their readers as needed or more than one may read at a time (example 3 readers) shortening the time to 30 minutes.

Participants are welcome to each bring their own Bibles, though Site Captains will have one on hand to read.

This event is not meant to take the place of any other Bible Read-A-Thons or replace any other NDP events. The reading of the Bible can be used as a preparation for the NDP events in your area  in conjunction with other events, or as a stand alone event for your county. 

The date, place and time is to be set by the Site Captain and their team of readers in each individual county. 

The chart below is a list of Montana’s counties in alphabetical order, where their County Seat is, what the County Seat number is and what scriptures will be read in that county during the Marathon.

May God bless you as you declare His Word over the entire State of Montana!

How Can You Help?

To sign up as a Site Captain for your County

Please contact the Montana State Coordinator Dianne Hoffman
by email at mtprayer7@gmail.com or call her at (406) 431-2916