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Billings Bible Reading Marathon & Prayer-a-thon

You can contact Billings Event Coordinator – Patti Brown by email at office@nlcmt.org  at New Life Church or call her at (406) 208-4091

How Can You Help?

Anyone interested in participating in the Bible Marathon can take part in one of two ways.  We will divide the reading into 3 hour blocks.  Each of these blocks will have a Site Captain whose name and phone number will be listed here.  Each 3 hour block will be divided into 12 reading periods of 15 minutes each.  The Site Captain for each block will be responsible for signing up 12 Readers for their time block.  Each Reader will then read for 15 minutes only.  As one Reader nears the end of their 15 minute period, the next Reader will step up and begin to follow along, taking over for them at the end of the period.